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What I have learned as a retired AT&T executive now in the real estate industry:
Know Your Customer and Respect Their Time!
I take pride in my work and respect how time is used, so I will take time to learn about your needs and expectations. This means I respond promptly with accurate information whether you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property. I am direct and ensure that scheduled showings or meetings are not rescheduled so often that your time is wasted.
Know the Market!
While knowing your needs comes first, knowing the market trends in any Arizona neighborhood is crucial. This means I will be there to answer questions on the latest buying and selling trends, community and zoning laws, sources of finance and local schools so that our effort has purpose and we steer intelligently on the road ahead.
Speed and Sound Judgement Matters!
I will offer solid and honest advice remembering we are a team moving at different speeds and emotional stages, so I will take lead on the complexity of the buying or selling process paying attention to details. While a real estate transaction can be an emotional rollercoaster, I will focus on helping you make decisions accurately, timely and realistically so we can move at a speed that feels right.
Expertise and Competence is a Leadership Quality!
I am highly driven and have been directly involved in financial transactions valued at over 450 million dollars in the corporate world. When dealing with people, expectations, contracts and deals, being the expert matters. As your agent, I can be your resource on lenders, escrow officers, local and state professionals to ensure that whether you are developing, selling or buying, I am there to help you navigate problems, last minute issues or a daunting complexity.